Marriage Mediator – It's the time to find your partner , he\she is very close to you.

Marriage Mediator

It’s the time to find your partner , he\she is very close to you.

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Marriage Mediator
– The application is designed to facilitate the search for ( husband / wife ), where everyone can create him/her private page containing the data allowed to be seen by others such (age, gender, religion, address, marital status, level of education , field of work and e-mail) and you can at any time to delete the page or edit it , therefore it is important to remember the name and the password.
– The search process runs according to the required standards in a given geographical zone determined with a distance in kilometers around your steady location on the Google map (this location picked by the application when downloading at the first time) , also you can move the map to choose any other point to search around.
– You can search for members matching your requirements to see a list of them and choose from to email or add to your Favorites for reviewing later.
– The only way of communication between members is e-mail for more secrecy .
– You need to sign in into the application regularly to confirm the seriousness and for your page to appear at the front of searches performed by others , also you should know that the page can be deleted if you do not log in for a period of six months.
– Greetings and wish success to all

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