Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ – Omiai (Omiai) provides a safe and secure encounter that you take advantage of Facebook, is Japan's first and largest in Japan love matching (Koikatsu) app.


Omiai (Omiai) provides a safe and secure encounter that you take advantage of Facebook, is Japan’s first and largest in Japan love matching (Koikatsu) app.

Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ screenshot 0Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ screenshot 1Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ screenshot 2Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ screenshot 3Omiai-フェイスブックで出会い-恋愛マッチングアプリ screenshot 4

◆ about 7000 sets of matching in 1 day! If you are looking encounter-lover “Omiai (Omiai)” ◆
· Facebook are using (Facebook), many men and women in their 20s 30s want to meet registration in
And providing a safe encounter peace of mind in a variety of unauthorized user measures
– Until registration – matching is an app that can be enjoyed free of charge (teens, 20s woman is completely free)

◆ Recommended for this! ◆
– “If that be nice if there is a new encounter.”
– “Anyone who wants to encounter the ideal partner.”
– “If there is no busy encounter job.”
– “Anyone who want encounters a non-town con and blind date.”
– “Marriage hunting’s a hassle, but those who lover is wanted.”

◆ ◇ 7 one of the points that Omiai is selected ◇ ◆
① “Likes” to your partner anxious to just feel free to meet!
Peace of mind in the monitoring system of ②24 hours a day, 365 days a year, safety!
③ not posted at all on the timeline of your Facebook (Facebook)!
④ not found a friend of your Facebook (Facebook)!
⑤ real name is not Barre in initial notation!

⑥ peace of mind if there is no lie in the face photos and ages! It can be searched in a number of conditions!
⑦ because can publish to each other Facebook before meeting, meet with confidence!

◆ support a more easy-to-use meeting in the renewal ♪ ◆
In than became a smooth search and, steadily increase the encounter with the nice partner!
– Such as footprints and timelines find a new meeting in non-search screen!

◆ it was featured in a lot of media, such as TV · magazine! ◆
· AppStore Free won one ranking, peace of mind performance
TV Tokyo enough to be picked up, even “World Business Satellite” topic of the app
Media posted record number! with, anan, AneCan, GISELe, Suits, R25, AERA, Toyo Keizai …

◆ Institute marriage and matchmaking support projects in participation ◆
Suited to the current life style, a place of encounter that can be peace of mind in the open, was established from the thought that it might more Umidase “Institute marriage and matchmaking support project”
Omiai has been working as a project participating companies.

◆ ◇ of peace of mind and safety measures efforts ◇ ◆
Monitoring system of ①24 hours a day, 365 days a year
② age verification is required before the message
③ profile rigorous check of content and face photo
⑤ monitoring and forced withdrawal of suspicious user
⑥ reports and block the function of peace of mind
Family status is In a relationship of ⑦Facebook, during the engagement, married, those who estranged unavailable

◆ to meet the kind of people I Omiai? ◆
– 20 to 30s are using the Facebook “General of men and women.”
So-called people who do not register with the matchmaking service, such as “dating sites” and “marriage information site”

· Ikemen
– Management, doctors, lawyers, foreign finance, famous university graduates, well-known companies work, etc.
· Firm and serious person was of identity

– Cute, good-looking
– Cabin crew, receptionist, secretary, nurse, nursery teacher, a college student, etc.
– 20s also young people of the first half, also a career woman before and after the 30’s

◆ notes ◆
· Facebook (Facebook) is to your registered account is required
– Message transmission of the message is opened, second and subsequent from your opponent, you may be charged
• The automatic renewal billing are available
· Eligibility: Please refer to the Terms and Conditions “3. Eligibility”.
And pay service per month will be automatically updated unless you change the settings on your own.
Please go to the up to 24 hours prior to the expiration date of the purchased service configuration changes.

■■ Media Coverage performance ■■
TV Tokyo “World Business Satellite”
And newspapers: Asahi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun …
– Women’s magazine: with, anan, AneCan, GISELe, Suits …
And magazines: R25, AERA, Toyo Keizai …
– Other:!! Yahoo, oricon, women’s SPA …, etc., a large number


■ Terms of Use

※ Please check eligibility Terms of Use “3 qualification”.

■ usage fee

■ Privacy Policy

■ licensing

Internet Dating business notification and acceptance already / acceptance number: 30120012026

■ management company

See detail information:


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