TiMeet – Premium – Call me with itselfTiMeet – Meetings Notifier

TiMeet - Premium

Call me with itselfTiMeet – Meetings Notifier

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The premium version!

Unique opportunities that are available only in the “TiMeet”!

1.You can immediately notify friends in your city that you are ready to invite them for a dinner, to the movie premier or to the club to relax.

2.You will be instantly able to invite your friends for a trip, and to indicate which countries you are willing to travel.

3.You will promptly know about the people who are ready to invite you to an entertainment or a cultural event.

4.You will receive instant notifications from around the World from the people who would like to meet you, as soon as they sign up for TiMeet.

It is time to install TiMeet
When you install this Application you will receive all the next versions for free!
Simple, comfortable for your communication TiMeet will help you to fight your boredom and loneliness!
Now you do not have to think where and with whom to spend your free time.
TiMeet is developed to make your leisure more versatile and your life brighter.
Wherever you are, and whichever language you speak, TiMeet is always there for you!

Quick and easy navigation will help you to understand how to use our application.
Comfortable, simpe and effective!
After installing TiMeet, you will find friends in just two minutes!
Just see it for yourself! Download TiMeet in Google Play!
Do it right now!
Powered by Android 4.0 version and Higher.
Supports 6 languages Chinese, Spanish, Russian, English, Korean, Portuguese.

User’s Guide

1. TiMeet – Meetings Notifier will determine your location and your connection.
2. The only thing you would need to do is to fill out information about yourself and your preferences.
3. Now you are ready to receive invitations and to invite others; look at the last of them.
4. Create your Invitation and you will have pleasant meetings and new acquaintances
5. The quickest users of TiMeet are able to create an invitation in 2 seconds.

When you download TiMeet, you are in your Profile. Indicate your name, age, choose your photo and indicated your gender. The application will determine your country and your city/town. Indicate which invitation you would like to be notified of. Save it. After that please, configure your notifications. Indicate which invitations you would like to be notified. Invitations, dinner, Parties, Premiers, and Relaxation work only in the place of your location. IT can be changed in your configurations. Invitations to travel work in your town, country and the World. You have to choose what is comfortable for you. Now you can create your own invitation and to look at actual invitations and to agree to one of them. In the right upper corner there is a button of your home page, where you can show your interests for those who will answer to your invitation or will see your agreement to the invitation they sent. Simple and instant TiMeet is a possibility to live today and now. Good luck!

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/dating


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