leaves:Friends,Matching,SNS – Meet a new friend and enrich your life!


Meet a new friend and enrich your life!

leaves:Friends,Matching,SNS screenshot 0leaves:Friends,Matching,SNS screenshot 1leaves:Friends,Matching,SNS screenshot 2leaves:Friends,Matching,SNS screenshot 3

All the features of “leaves” are available for free.

You can search a friend from the world to your neighborhood, “leaves” helps you to find a new friends everywhere.

By increasing the number of your friends, “leaves” will help you to enrich your life.

You can search for friends of the same school, search for a friend of the same hobbies or search for a lover. Also, by sharing your current feelings and behavior by tweet function, you can start enjoying a wide variety of communication.

By taking advantage of “leaves”, you can meet and get to know a lot of people.

“leaves” has the following features:

=== Friend search function ===
You can search for a bunch of friends from the list screen. In the list screen you can check the parts of each profile and it helps you to find the friends that have same interests. If you find a friend with the same interests, select and touch to open a detailed profile viewing screen. Also, you can search for your neighborhood friends by using the location information.

=== Tweet function ===
You can easily share the current feelings and behavior with everyone. Also, you can communicate with your friends by writing a comment to tweets. Search for your neighborhood tweets by the location information, you can also check the events that are happening around your area.

=== Profile function ===
You can see the friend’s profile of the details with large profile photo.

=== Chat function ===
You can chat with friends with text and photos. You will be notified by the notification when a chat message from a friend has arrived.


Use the “leaves” and get a more enriched life!

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/dating


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