bod – Get the bod dating app–the best in GPS dating apps. Change your odds with bod.


Get the bod dating app–the best in GPS dating apps. Change your odds with bod.

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bod (Bad Online Dates) revolutionizes mobile dating by offering new opportunities, choices, and most importantly HOPE, all while on a bad date.

– Move on from a bad date and meet another person also on a bad date

– Simply choose to meet someone new, in real-time — bod is your bad date rescue

– Use powerful search tools to see who’s available near you and also looking for a date

– Never miss a connection again with with smart push notifications

bod is the mop-up crew for all the other dating sites and dating brands by giving the dater an “OK” to leave and find someone that’s a better match – a plan B. The person that is right for you may be right down the street in a similar situation and now with bod, new doors of hope and chance are now open. And as our slogan says: “Seriously, nobody likes a bad date. Change your odds with bod.”

50% of first dates end up being a poor match, now you can change your odds by finding a new date in REAL TIME! You can upgrade your date with a better match for you! Choose your next move – Netflix and chill? Looking for a new Bae? Just want to grab a drink with someone new?

bod is free to use and free to connect, stop paying for your right to find the perfect match! Try it now, YOLO!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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