Mobil Chat Sohbet irc programı – IRC chat program for mobile platform

Mobil Chat Sohbet irc programı

IRC chat program for mobile platform

Mobil Chat Sohbet irc programı screenshot 0Mobil Chat Sohbet irc programı screenshot 1

now more fun to chat with us
with easy to use ones
relatives will be able to talk to your friends with your spouse
Chat IRC chat community, which is the highest quality turkey
We wait for you on the platform.
identify yourself with our unique platform nickname
Your nickname and password to use someone else from you
You can protect.
Gözükerek yourself the highest authority in the channel in the channel takes
You can introduce a virtual environment.
only now you feel bored at home alone
You can begin to download our chat chat chat program.
chat chat chat on our site except ayriyetten
games, discussions, radio and found bloody and support
Our game; Word Türetmece Game, Islam question and answer game,
tests general knowledge question and answer game, keyboard, fast typing game,
OXM regulation and derivation of the word game, KPSS questions and answers game,
English Game game English-Turkish word game ….
3 adat online on our server ayriyetten DJs
We have taken online radio broadcasting;
ayriyetten all kinds of problems on the server that your ilglen
HELP and OPERHELP help and support channels,
Do not complain that you want to complain to users
COMPLAINTS channels are available …
If you want to be a member of this month’s unique now
Download our friendship chat chat program.

* Live chat rooms
* Online chat programs
* Online chat rooms
* Islamic chat rooms
* Chatterbox Chat and chat rooms
* Online Question and answer game

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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